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Using a Controller
Offspring Editor
Save Game Data
Save Data Backups


Offspring Fling is a game about throwing children!

The game was made by a guy named Kyle Pulver,
and the music was made by a dude named Alec Holowka.

Oh, and there's also the The Official Offspring Fling Website

This is Offspring Fling version 1.1.3



Action Keyboard Joystick
Move Left Left Arrow Dir Left
Move Right Right Arrow Dir Right
Jump X Button 1
Pick Up Down Dir Down
Throw C Button 3
Drop Down + C Dir Down + Button 3
Pause ESC Button 8
Retry R Button 7

Using a Controller

Currently there is limited controller support for the Windows version of Offspring Fling, and controller support for MAC OS X. Currently POV Switches are not supported in the Windows version of the game but this is something that I hope to be resolved soon. If you are using a game pad that can switch between POV and analog joystick input then I suggest using the analog joystick input!

If the controller support isn't working out for you though, then I still recommend using a Joystick to Keyboard conversion program to play the game with a controller. If you're using Windows, you can use Joy2Key and set up a controller to keyboard input. If you're on a Mac, you can use Enjoy to do the same thing.

In rare cases, the Windows version might crash because of the joystick support. This is because the joystick support for Windows is still a little shaky and I hope to improve it and make it more stable as soon as possible. If you're experiencing this crash, navigate to your save game directory (Save Data Location) and locate the controller.cfg file inside the config folder. The .cfg file should read "enableController=1" If you change that to "enableController=0" then the game will ignore controllers, and hopefully resolve the issue.

If your game launches with a black screen, the game should automatically detect that the joystick has failed to initialize. This could be from a number of things, and every Windows installation and computer being slightly different might make reading your joystick impossible for the time being. If you relaunch the game, it should now work but with the controller disabled. If the game still doesn't work however, see the above instructions on how to manually disable the controller.

Offspring Editor

Offspring Fling supports custom levels created by anyone!

To get started creating your own levels, go to Offspring Fling: Sharing is Caring.

You can load your custom levels into the game by clicking the bottom right button (with the wrench and the play button on it) and then clicking the button on the left "LOAD FROM FILE" If your level validates, you should be able to play it right in the game!

You can also load levels directly from the internet if you choose the internet option on the load custom level screen. You can see any level that has been submitted to the Sharing is Caring website.


The game is now able to connect directly to the internet for replay uploading and custom level downloading.

To upload your replays of levels choose the "Save Best Replay" or "Save This Replay" options on the level cleared, or paused screens in the game. This will bring you to a prompt that asks you to login or register a profile. If you haven't registered a profile you can do that on the right side of the internet screen. Make sure you enter a valid email address as this will be used if you lose your password.

After registering you can log in with your username and password immediately, and then you can upload your replays for all the world to see. After you upload your replay you'll be shown a list of the best replays for that level. If you come across your name it will be highlighted in yellow.

You can also load replays from the internet for the main levels in the game. If you click on the button on the title screen that looks like a "Play" button you'll be brought to the load replay screen. From there click on Internet to be brought to a list of all available replays for the game. Use the up and down buttons on the screen to cycle levels. You can only see replays from levels you've already unlocked.

You can log in and use the same account you created in game on Sharing is Caring to submit replays and levels.

Save Game Data

Saved game data is stored in your application data directory, and that's based on your operating system.

Operating System Folder
Windows XP Documents and Settings\*USERNAME*\Application Data\offspringfling\Local Store\
Windows 7 Users\*USERNAME*\AppData\Roaming\offspringfling\Local Store\
Mac OSX ~\Library\Preferences\offspringfling\Local Store\

Save Data Backups

When the game saves, it automatically creates a back up of your previous saved game. In your saved game directory you'll find a series of back up saved game files. They're all named something like this: "save_1392059033" The numbers are a time stamp of when the particular file was created. If for some reason your save file gets corrupted, you can replace your save file with one of the back ups to attempt to restore it.

To restore a saved game using one of the back ups, first make sure that the game is not currently running. You can then rename your current "save" file to something else. You can rename it to "poop" if you want. Then take one of your back ups (one of the save_13390510972 files) and rename that to "save" When you launch the game it should now load from your back up that was renamed to "save"


To bring up the options menu, use your mouse to click on the button with the gear on it on the title screen.

Music and sound volume can be adjusted with the slider bars.

Disable or enable replays by clicking the "REPLAYS ENABLED" or "REPLAYS DISABLED" text.

Adjust the window mode by clicking one of the buttons under "WINDOW MODE"

Setting Description
1x Renders the game in a 640 x 480 window with a 1x zoom.
2x Renders the game in a 1280 x 960 window with a 2x zoom.
Fullscreen Renders the game full screen maintaining the 4:3 aspect ratio.
Stretch Renders the game full screen and stretching to fill the entire display.

Adjust the graphics quality by clicking the buttons under "GRAPHICS MODE"

Setting Description
LOW Disables the backgrounds, all particles, and overlay effects.
MEDIUM Disables background effects, some particles, and overlay effects.
HIGH Disables all weather effects, some background effects, and few particles.
FULL Everything is cranked to the max. Weather effects are on!

To adjust your controls you can click on the "Set Controls" text in the options menu. From here, running the Keyboard Setup or Joystick Setup will allow you to completely customize your controls for the game.


Main Man
Kyle Pulver

Music Man
Alec Holowka

Testing & Feedback
Corey Nolan
Steve Swink
Josh Whelchel
Pj Vilsaint
Gary Phillips
Beau Blyth
Matt Mechtley
David Koontz
Tim Winsky
Edmund McMillen
Jordan Fehr

Tech Support
Martin Jonasson
Tyler Glaiel
Noel Berry
Matt Thorson
Chevy Ray Johnston
Abel Toy
Mark Johns
Adam Saltsman
Farbs McFarbs
Brett Chalupa
JP Stringham
Sven Bergstrom

Various Thanks
Flashpunk (Link)
Ogmo Editor (Link)
TIGForums (Link)
TIGJam (Link)
IGDA Phoenix
Tyler Coleman
Jeff Roberts
Randy Savage
Arin Hanson
Rami Ismail
Tommy Refenes
Alexander O'Mara

(If I forgot you let me know!)


My game crashes, or I get a black screen when I start, or the game runs really poorly!
This is an issue that is most likely caused by the controller support for Windows. For now, you can disable the native controller support in the game and use Joy2Key instead. To disable your controller, go to your save game directory which can be found here. Find the "controller.cfg" file inside the "config" folder. Inside this file should be "enableController=1" Change this to "enableController=0" and run the game. This should resolve the crashing issues, but to use a controller now you'll have to use Joy2Key, which can be downloaded here.

Can I view my framerate in the game?
Push the tilde key (~) to toggle performance information on the upper right corner of the screen.

Are there leaderboards?
Sort of. You can submit your replays for levels at Sharing is Caring and directly from within the game if you choose the "Save to Internet" option under the "Save Replay" window, which can be accessed through the pause screen or the end level screen of any level by clicking on "Save This Replay" or "Save Best Replay"

How about a level editor?
Yeah! You can download it from Sharing is Caring!

Where can I find the soundtrack?
The soundtrack lives at Bandcamp.

When does the game save progress?
The game saves your progress when you clear or exit a level, and when you exit the options screen.

Are the rainbow flowers really your best time?
Maybe. They might be my second best.

Why don't rainbow flowers add to the big flower count?
They just don't! Only blue and gold flowers will contribute to your overall flower count. Rainbow flowers serve their own purpose if you get enough of them!

Is there a place where I can see all my flowers?
Try clicking on the big flower on the title screen!

How do I load a replay with no extension?
You can simply rename your replay file and add ".momma" to the end of it. All replay files saved from the game should have .momma now!

I tried to load a replay or level but the game CRASHED. What happened?
Probably some sort of malformed data. The game should never crash as long as you never edit files directly.

Why doesnt the DPAD on the Xbox360 controller work?
I was barely able to get controller support in by using AIR Extensions. Unfortunately the only extension out there for joysticks doesn't support POV switches, so no DPAD support on the 360 controller. If this changes in the future then I will immediately update Offspring Fling with better controller support.

Why does it crash in Windows 8?
This has something to do with either Adobe AIR, or the controller support. If you're experiencing a crash in Windows 8, set the executable to Windows 7 Compatibility mode and you should be all set.

Can I have the game slow down instead of drop frames?
If you prefer this method of lag, then you can push F12 to toggle between dropping frames and slowing down. If you have the performance stats up (push '~' on your keyboard) then the performance text will be yellow when using slow down mode. Be careful, as slow down mode can make the game unplayable in certain scenarios. As a result, this setting will not save and next time you boot up the game you'll have to push F12 again.


Shoot me an email at

Offspring Fling is Copyright KPULV 2012 (DON'T STEAL)